The Viking Experience

The Viking Experience offer you the unique and exclusive journey to the great era of the Vikings and their time, in a epic saga with you as the star.

You get to experience the movie business from the point of view of a moviestar. We will coach you in acting, fighting and the movie business.

You will get to work with an experienced film crew, working hard to make an epic saga with you in a leading role. We also hire professional actors that you get to work alongside with,  helping you with your journey to movie stardom, lifting your own acting to unexpected heights.

When we are done, you will be left with a legacy, with your name forever part of the norse cultural heritage(and of course your very own IMDB page!).  You also have a great film to show friends and family, an abundance of powerful stories from the production, cherished memories and new acquaintances. You might even get to travel the world to festivals, walking the red carpet and showing the finished film.

Both Ragnarok, Short Film and Loke`s Daughter used this exact formula, so this is absolutely a well tested concept!


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Håvard Eide Sivilarkitekt Håvard Eide AS

"It has been a fantastic journey, and a great experience for me and my friends to be part of this. We are deeply impressed by everyone from the Ragnarok team, and we hope we are invited on the next projects!"

Sven Ole Frønes Volvo Maskin Service
"The experience of being part of this project surpassed all expectations. To see how the movie business operates, and mainly see the enormous effort required by everyone in the team is really impressive. There is a great amount of unity, and teamwork on set that I believe a lot of people from the business world could learn a lot from."

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