Hope, Short Film: Teaser!

The crazy Hope guys have been busy cutting together a teaser for the shortfilm! Right here for you to enjoy!

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Hope, Short Film: Lurantis the Mantis and WRAP

Studio pickup day! Today`s star is Lurantis the mantis, part stick insect with a touch of Buddhist monk.   We had three different shots to do in the studio, all from different locations with a different lighting setup. The first one was from the first location we filmed in.   Next up we took a trip back […]

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Hog&Hound: The Noose Filming

Mr.Hog: Its a dark world we’re livin’ in, Mr.Hound. Mr.Hound: Yup. Mr.Hog: I mean, it’s really dark. Like, I can’t see. Mr.Hound: Yep. Mr.Hog: Why are we wearing the sunglasses?…     A few nights ago we did a collab with the fantastic Hog & Hound!     The script is called “The Noose”, and […]

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Hope, Short Film: Trondheim Filming

Back in Trondheim after some nice days in Namsos. We start out with a interior scene in the dark and scary catacombs(also known as “the garage”) of Kristiania University College. Our production designer Hallvard Hellem did a great job turning a plain grey wall into a post-apocalyptic bunker.           The next […]

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Hope, Short Film: Namsos filming

The Hope-production has led us north from Trondheim, all the way up to Namsos. The plan is to film there for two days, then travel back down to Trondheim and finish the rest of the movie there.     The first day in Namsos we used to drive around to scout the entire area, based on the […]

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Hope, Short Film: Filming begins!

We have started filming the short film Hope! The trip took us to Vikhammer and an abandoned house that is about to be demolished.   All the windows were removed from the walls, so the wind was blowing cold through the old house all day while filming. Still all of the cast and crew kept the mood […]

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New look on the website!

Our website just got a complete makeover! We will be doing a lot more projects than just Ragnarok, Short Film in the coming time, and we needed a website that will reflect this, and make it easier to follow everything going on, we hope you like it!

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Ragnarok Film BTS

Ragnarok, Short Film: Post-production

Meet our amazing interns!Toni and Per Kristian from the film class at Kristiania University College in Trondheim have been doing a beatiful job with logging all the raw footage and editing together a rough cut of Ragnarok, Short Film with the assistance of our DOP Arne Vidar Stoltenberg.  

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Heat Experience Commercial

Commercial: Heat Experience

Arne recently joined Heat Experience in the wilderness for an expedition to make a commercial. Some rain during filming, but overall a good and warm experience!Arne lending his photography skills to our friends over at Heat Experience.The best thing one can do when it`s raining, is to let it rain.

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Ragnarok, Short Film: Wintershoot 2

   Great work by our makeup crew this past week! Wintershoot part 2 is completed!That`s a wrap! Tired crew looking forward to some well deserved sleep! 

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