UNLEASH YOUR INNER VIKING with a cup of top quality true Norwegian Viking coffee

We have joined forces with Norway’s leading coffee roaster Idar Ellingsen, to offer you the perfection of the Norwegian art of coffee roasting. Let your taste buds savor the perfect brew while you immerse yourself in our movies of authentic Norse culture and mythology, presented as if seen through the eyes our Viking ancestors themselves.


  • Ndima Ini

    Ndima Ini – Viking Coffee

    21.99 $ Out of Stock
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  • Orjuela Coffee

    Orjuela – Viking Coffee

    19.99 $ Out of Stock
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  • Bifdu Gudina

    Bifdu Gudina – Viking Coffee

    19.99 $ Out of Stock
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  • Hunapu

    Hunapu – Viking Coffee

    18.99 $ Out of Stock
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