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Loki's Daughter is currently completed and playing on film festivals. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list and follow us on Facebook to keep updated on future screenings near you!

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21.03.18 - Premiere Screening

06.07.18 - Janheim Viking Days


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The experience of being part of this project surpassed all expectations. To see how the movie business operates, and mainly see the enormous effort required by everyone in the team is really impressive. There is a great amount of unity, and teamwork on set that I believe a lot of people from the business world could learn a lot from.

- Actor, Sven Ole Frønes



It has been a fantastic journey, and a great experience for me and my friends to be part of this. We are deeply impressed by everyone from the Ragnarok team, and we hope we are invited on the next projects!

- Actor, Håvard Eide

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