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Juggernaut Ragnarok Film Chicago

Ragnarok goes to America!

We are happy to announce that Ragnarok has been chosen out of 600 submissions to be part of the 7th annual Juggernaut Film Festival in the feature category! The 7th Annual Juggernaut Film Festival is a weeklong event celebrating Science Fiction and Fantasy films and filmmakers from around the world. It’s presented by Chicago’s Otherworld Theatre […]

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Viking Films

Viking Films Premiere: Ragnarok & Loki’s Daughter

It is finally time for the world premiere of our sizzling hot new viking films. As a new company Ragnarok Film has made a blast and a lot of excitement is built around this event. With focus on the viking age, mythology, and Norse culture, Ragnarok Film is aiming to be the best in the […]

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Ragnarok Film BTS

Ragnarok, Short Film: Post-production

Meet our amazing interns!Toni and Per Kristian from the film class at Kristiania University College in Trondheim have been doing a beatiful job with logging all the raw footage and editing together a rough cut of Ragnarok, Short Film with the assistance of our DOP Arne Vidar Stoltenberg.  

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Ragnarok, Short Film: Wintershoot 2

   Great work by our makeup crew this past week! Wintershoot part 2 is completed!That`s a wrap! Tired crew looking forward to some well deserved sleep! 

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Ragnarok, Short Film: Locationschout


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Ragnarok, Short Film: Wintershoot 1

Crew getting ready for filming!(from left: Stian Wodahl, Ole Fredrik Wannebo, Chris Michael, Haakon Walter Iversen)       

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Ragnarok, Short Film: Summer Storyboard

Ragnarok summer storyboard from Ragnarok Film on Vimeo.

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Winter Makeup Test!

Some of the jötnar are attributed hideous appearances – claws, fangs, and deformed features, apart from a generally hideous size.However, when jötnar are named and more closely described, they are often given the opposite characteristics. Many of the jötnar are described as beautiful, Skaði being described as the “bright bride of the gods”.

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