About Us

Ragnarok Film was started in 2017 by four driven viking souls.

Located in Trondheim.
Our goal is to become best in the world on Viking films. We want to dust off the old Viking tales and breathe new life into the stories from the sagas and other forgotten histories from the time of the Vikings.

Meet our team

    Ole Fredrik Wannebo

    Badass viking, handles the day-to-day business, writes, directs, acts, and keeps control on a wild bunch of vikings. Contact: ole@ragnarokfilm.no

    Ole Fredrik Wannebo
    Arne Vidar Stoltenberg

    Badass viking cinematographer, editor, mattepainter, VFX and accounting. Contact: arne@ragnarokfilm.no

    Arne Vidar Stoltenberg
    David Hortman Bøe

    Also known as David Delight, Badass viking, chairman, master of lights and fire, social media manager, webdesign and visuals. Contact: david@ragnarokfilm.no

    David Hortman Bøe
    Toni Kotka

    Badass viking editor, storyboard artist, writer of scripts, multitalent of the visual arts. Contact: toni@ragnarokfilm.no

    Toni Kotka
    Sondre Jacobsen

    Badass Viking producer, knows everyone and everything, innovates, and acts. Contact: sondre@ragnarokfilm.no

    Sondre Jacobsen
Showreel 2019

What do we do?

Films, short or long

We do commercials, short films and feature films.

Live events

We capture live events and make promotional videos.

The Viking Experience

We transform people into Vikings, train them in acting and sword fighting.

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